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Frequently asked Questions

Is Barncat on Android?

Not yet! Our funding was carefully prioritized and we had to make the difficult decision to do one platform at a time, but we will absolutely release the Android version once our Apple launch is further along. Like and follow our socials to stay tuned and support our growth so we can get to Android ASAP.

Will there be a version for Barn Managers or Trainers?

Our vision includes a Professional subscription for Trainers, Vets, Farriers, etc to connect to their clients' account in Barncat.  That way you and your trainer both can add and review all relevant data about your horse's health.  

We hope to expand this to a Commercial subscription for barns and other equestrian facilities to manage their horses and their business operations - all in one place. 

How do I know when various features will be released?

Head over to our Road Map to see where we're headed next and what you can expect!

How much does it cost?

Barncat can be downloaded from the App store for FREE.  While we are in Beta Testing, users can experience our premium features for just $1.99/month.  Once Beta Testing is complete, Premium Subscriptions can be purchased for 19.99/month. 

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