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App Features


The Barncat digital timeline tracks various types of posts, such as vet, farrier, notes and more! Attach photos and pdfs, and use custom tags to organize and categorize your posts.  Find anything you need in seconds with the search and filter function.  

hoof photo

Barncat's Augmented Reality camera provides precise guidance for vet and farrier recommended angles. With the ability to capture consistent photos over multiple trim and shoeing cycles, you can easily track your horse's hoof condition over time. The side-by-side comparison feature allows you to see any changes or improvements at a glance, and sharing photos with your vet or farrier is simple and easy. The Hoof Photo Feature is great for monitoring your horse's overall hoof health or trying to address a specific issue.

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weather alerts

Barncat's custom weather alerts are designed to keep you informed and prepared, so you can avoid surprises when it comes to your horse's safety. With customizable settings, you can receive alerts about the weather conditions that matter most to you and your horse. Whether it's thunderstorms, high winds, or extreme temperatures, Barncat's weather alerts will help you stay ahead of the game and take action to keep your horse safe and comfortable. Don't let inclement weather catch you off guard – let Barncat's weather alerts be your guide.

tips & education

Barncat's tips and education feature helps you be proactive when it comes to your horse's healthReceive concise, informative notifications on industry best practices, educational content, and moreEnjoy a customizable experience with the ability to turn this feature on or off at any time.  Great for first time horse owners and young equestrians!

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