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What to Expect as a Barncat Beta User

Updated: Mar 18

Have you signed up to be a Barncat Beta user? Congratulations! As one of the first horse owners to access the Barncat App, you'll be at the forefront of a new era in equine technology. While being an early adopter is exciting, it's essential to understand that beta testing involves the app's ongoing development and the possibility of encountering bugs. At Barncat, we're committed to delivering a fully functional and hassle-free app experience, and your feedback plays a crucial role in making that happen.

Immediate Access to Horse Care Tracking

Once you become a Barncat Beta user, you'll have immediate access to start tracking your horse's care. One of the standout features is the augmented reality Hoof Photo Feature, allowing you to monitor your horse's hoof growth with precision and ease. Capture photos, compare progress, and keep a comprehensive record of your horse's hoof health right from the app.

Participate in Bug Reporting

As a valued beta user, we encourage you to actively participate in bug reporting. Should you encounter any glitches or issues while using the app, take a screenshot, and submit a report. Your contributions will help us identify and resolve any bugs quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience for everyone.

Provide Honest and Constructive Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We want to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas for improving the Barncat App. Whether it's a feature request, user interface feedback, or general comments, your input will shape the future of the app and help us create an exceptional equine software solution.

Join us in Revolutionizing Equine Technology

At Barncat, we are driven by a determination to provide the horse world with a superior app experience. We recognize the shortcomings of existing equine software and are committed to doing better. By being a Barncat Beta user, you play a crucial role in helping us create what the horse world truly needs. Together, we can revolutionize equine technology and set new standards of excellence.


Signing up as a Barncat Beta user opens the door to an exciting journey at the forefront of equine technology. Embrace the opportunity to track your horse's care, participate in bug reporting, and provide honest feedback. Join us as we work towards creating the ultimate equine app experience. Together, we can shape the future of horse management software and make a positive impact on the equestrian community.

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